Friday, September 11, 2015

Author Spotlight: Angie Daniels

Excuse me while I fan girl for a minute.  I have had the pleasure of meeting this author personally and let me tell you she is every much the shoe diva that you see on social media. I first got introduced to this authors work through her book, Say My Name. As you all know I love a good love story and this book was love mixed with some urban realness. Christy & Dereon set the ground work for Daniel’s newest release, Put Your Name On It. Before we get into her new book lets flashback to the couple that introduced me to my  new faves Claudia and Max. One thing that I love about this author is that the each couple is releatable and yes its fiction but you can’t help but see yourself or someone you know in one of these books.

Christy is a spoiled brat that is used to dating men with status between her mother and sister she is set-up to marry well but not happily. But her cousin Claudia insists she loosens up and lives life, little does she know that Dereon is just the dose of realness Christy needs. ( Of course I am over simplifying this but I don't want to give too much away).  Now to Mr. Dereon he is a man with secrets and although not in Christy’s tax bracket he teaches her that love has no limit. Like many couples they go through their ups and downs and trust is the main source of contingent. Because Claudia is the down for whatever chick she agrees to help Christy spy on her man and get to the bottom of their issues. Well this is when the author throws in a flip to the story and  we as readers actually get to meet Dereon’s crew and fine Max is one of the members. Daniels introduces these side characters and sets readers up for what is yet to come in her follow-up story. Without revealing too much Max has some baby mama drama and although fine Claudia isn’t the one. But with love one can never say never. Readers take a journey through love, life and experience black love at its finest in  Angie Daniels, Decadent Delight Series.

I will say that with the gap in between the two stories you would want to re-read or one click the first story it isn’t necessary but this story is just so good you would want to read the couple that started it all off.

With all that being said lets me the shoe diva herself.

Angie Daniels is a free spirit who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind or even better, write about it. Since strutting onto the literary scene in five-inch heels, she’s been capturing her audience’s attention with her wild imagination and love for alpha men. The USA Today Bestselling Author has written over thirty novels for imprints such as BET Arabesque, Harlequin/Kimani Romance, and Kensington/ Dafina and Kensington/Aphrodisia Books.

When Angie finds time for fun, she’s either lost in a James Patterson novel or out scanning the shelves of Home Goods for items she can’t resist.

For more information about upcoming releases, and to connect with Angie, please visit her website at and sign up for her newsletter. Be the first to hear what’s happening next and join in on the fun. P.S. There’s no telling what Angie is liable to say.

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