Tuesday, July 14, 2015

12 Alphas 12 Months

What could be better than 12 great authors coming together to publish a book about alpha men? And for the price of $.99? When this book became available for pre-order I immediately one-clicked. You know how you are so excited about something but it doesn’t really live up to your expectations? That’s how I felt about this boxset. Don’t get me wrong each author is great and each story represented them well it was just enough to whet the appetite. My issue was that some of the stories just seemed thrown in and it didn’t really flow well. Also where was an editor? This is not to bash anyone but to say that I am a fan girl of many of these authors and some I know personally but this anthology was not the best reflection of their work as a whole. Because this is an anthology I can’t possibly review each story this would be a dissertation vs. a review.

If you have read anything from these authors you should note that some of these stories are follow-ups to series. One in particular Serenity King’s Solomon’s Quest as readers we got introduced to Solomon through the Cameron brother’s trilogy he was always the mysterious protector well now he is out of the shadows and trying his own shot at love. Tabitha is a firecracker with many deep secrets. I personally had to reach out to the author with this story because it was so deep and well told that I had many questions. When I first heard of this boxset I thought I was getting something whimsical and then I read Mr. June and boy was it hot!!!! Tabitha has suffered through a lot I mean it was like reading an episode of “how to get away with murder” it was so many twist and turns and just rawness that I had to take a little break and ask what in the world? ( in a good way) Because of all the walls she has built up and rightfully so considering her heartbreaking past Tabitha will not allow herself to love or trust. And here comes Solomon like the mighty King himself and breaks down every break and uncovers every secret. Readers find out what happens when what happens in the dark comes to the light.

Now, ladies you know its not an alpha anything without some Maureen Smith. Most of these stories are short this one included but in such a small time they leave you wanting much more including this story. Nadia has a thing about jocks but she has never met a man like Reid. All I can say is rocket it to the water falls!!! ( If you have read the story you will get the reference) Nadia was a bit insecure my goodness they broke up as fast as they got together. She annoyed me with all her silly hang ups. But when they got together oh it was on. I will say the whole give me a date for a quote got a little weird because it seemed like they were using each other for other people. i.e. the photos, quotes, interview I will say that this story was one of my favorites it was a true romance story boy meets girl they have a miscommunication break up and get back together and we get a h.e.a. I hope Mrs. Smith turns this into a longer book I already know like many of the other authors she has a lot on her plate but one can hope.

All in all in this box set it is something for everyone some stories need to come with a warning. Please judge this anthology for yourselves and not based on this one review

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