Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dare: A Dont Knock It Novel By: Lyla Marie Ross


Charm Nixon, a sexy, independent woman, is having trouble finding a man that she'll keep longer than a one night stand. She thinks all men are flawed, but her best friend thinks Charm's standards are ridiculously high. When Eden challenges Charm to a dare which forces her date a man "beneath her station," Charm is in for the ride of her life. Beyond finding the sex explosive, will Charm find a man she actually wants to keep?

The Characters:

Meet The Author:

 I work a regular office job by day and write my "romantica" at night or at my lunch break. I started writing romance with dynamic sex scenes because I enjoy great love stories and great sex. Some people would be embarrassed to say that, but I'm not. I started the Don't Knock It series because women are often afraid to try new things. They also allow people to talk them out of who they should or shouldn't date. In Dare it was important for Charmaine to go beyond her comfort zone and in Deep, Eden went beyond her comfort zone but in a different way.

This book is unlike anything I have ever read. It is very raw and in your face. Dare is not for the fait at heart but take a chance and try something a little unconventional.,,,,,

Charm is what I like to call “that girl.” She is one who has it going on but knows she has it going on. She has high standards and an even higher sex drive. Because she can be very vain she uses sex as a weapon. No man is ever good enough. Basically what Charm wants is just too much and very unrealistic. This book and character I am sure every woman has known someone like Charm at one point in their life. Loving friend but misguided when it comes to love and life.

Let me repeat again this book is very gritty and high on the sex aspect but once you dig a little deeper in the story you will realize that sex just masks the deeper issues and Charm like many characters are flawed.

Now on to Zander. The chapter introducing Zander I won’t ruin it for readers but all I can say is wow!!!!! Zander like Charm have been hurt by love once in life and has never overcome or even faced the issues. He is a man that loves them well sex them and leave them. You see Zander has some shortcomings that fact that he is short but well-endowed is his weapon. At one point I wanted to yell at both characters and tell them to get over themselves. When these two meet it’s like a hurricane meeting a volcano. What do you do when you meet another version of yourself? Do you run or face the fact that love has found you?

This book was well edited and the characters were well developed. The author has talent but I wished there was more of the characters interaction then just sex. Some scenes were a bit repetitive. But all in all this was a well told story I hope that in the next story we get more on Eden and deeper in the story then just sex. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.  

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