Monday, April 27, 2015

Doing London By: Chloe Blaque


It’s been five years since Josie Vasquez moved to London, changed her name, and left her X-rated L.A. life behind. She has it together now thanks to two rules: stay out of trouble and don’t shag celebrities. Easy--until she meets Marco. Sinfully handsome and always in the tabloids, footballer Marco Verazi can have any woman he wants, and the sexy Italian wants Josie. Josie knows she should stay away, but he stirs a desire in her that she’s never felt before.

Marco doesn’t know about Josie’s past, or that her job selling goods on the "telly" for home shopping network QTV isn’t her first time on camera. Although Josie is tempted to break her rules and see what Marco has to offer, she knows they can’t be together--not unless she is willing to reveal a secret that could ruin her new life...and his.

Meet The Author:

Chloe Blaque is an author of erotic contemporary romance. Her heroines are all smart, passionate, career-driven women and her heroes are all successful playboys who can’t get enough. Sparks fly when they crash into love all over the world, always when they least expect it. When Chloe isn’t writing, she can be found sipping red wine, reading someone else’s lusty novel, and pounding the pavement in her hometown of New York City. Visit her at, Facebook/chloeblaque and on twitter @chloeblaque

Chloe Blaque is a fairly new author and her multicultural book Doing London makes a big splash. This is my first read by this author and she definitely offers a unique approach to the BDSM genre. This story does use some British vernacular and light BDSM.
Joise Pink “ Josie Vasquez” A.K.A. Joey ( with all these names this girl must have a secret). Joey wanst to shed the image that was created for her namely her porn lifestyle. She wants a normal kind of life whatever that means. The problem is she keeps getting confronted with her past at times I felt like she invited her past back into her life. i.e. comparing her old life and perks to that of the new on she is trying to create. Josie issues with her past are valid her dreams of becoming a serious actress were over shadowed by her porn past so she packs up and leaves and tries to start anew.  But can Josie really leave her past behind and open herself up to really live?
Marco is a footballer (soccer for us American readers) he is unlike any man Joey has been with and by that I mean he doesn’t play games. He offers her something she doesn’t get often and something she has to learn herself acceptance. Joey either uses men or they use her but with Marco its different something about him calls out to her.
I love that as readers we get to see these two evolve in their relationship. It was times that Joey annoyed me for someone who really wanted to change she kept making silly mistakes with the men from her past. The secondary characters Kat and Ruby offered a bit of comic relief. This story was a light read and not heavy on bdsm so for those adding to their summer reading list this is one book to add. With the ending I wish it was a bit more to the epilogue and not just speculation. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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