Friday, April 10, 2015

A Story Of Summers By: Sophia Scarlet

Meet the author:

Sophia Scarlet is a Maryland native. She lives with her husband, two children, and cat in the woods not far from the Potomac river. When she is not writing or shuttling her children around, you can find her practicing yoga, cooking, or picking seasonal vegetables at the local CSA.

This was my first read by this author and before I was asked to review ironically a friend of mine was telling me about this story. So I thought it had to be faith that I read this book.

Georgiana “Georgie” is a mess of emotion and destruction at times. We first meet her and she is kissing one guy and then in the next scene snuggling up to his really good friend Finn the guy who she really likes it. Can you say a bit young? That’s not even the half of it Georgie is very complex she has learn to basically survive on her own. She has no family and her circle of friends are her world. She is a hurt girl and looking for love well affection where she can find it and that’s what she did.

Finn now this guy was relentless I don’t know many men who would put up with all the tricks and issues that followed Georgiana. She was so hot and cold with him. First she agrees they should be together and then they aren’t. The cat and mouse game right until the end got a little frustrating and just when you think that ok finally a commitment she jerks poor Finn around on that. I think as a character she had a lot more growing to do.

I did like that this book was told in so much depth and the characters weren’t one dimensional it’s a good plot and not just littered with sex scenes that serve no purpose. This book centered not only on the two characters relationship but their circle of friends all the secondary characters and there were few as readers we got to see how some of their story unfolded like Jasper and Dex. I do wish that we got more from the ending after all these two have been through I would have like a little more.  This story covered so much like self-hurt, depression, love and codependency. I think the author did a great job it was just elements of this story that really annoyed me. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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