Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Chronicles Of Stella Rice By: Adrienne Kama


Stella Rice is a thirty-something business owner and native of Baltimore, Maryland. And she's on a permanent vacation. From men Having just broken things off with her latest dating disaster, Paul the Prick, Stella vows to never again be seduced by the charms of a man. Then she meets Jake, her ultra domineering kickboxing instructor. Ten minutes with Jake in the equipment room of his gym is enough to convince Stella that maybe she should give the whole man/woman thing another go. What she doesn't know is Jake has secrets that would make Paul the Prick look like a saint. Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and mild bdsm


From reading the synopsis and looking at the beautiful cover how could you not one-click? I was thinking with a title like The Chronicles of Stella Rice this was to be a variation of an IR Sex& The City story. You know single girl documents her experiences with dating while sharing that of her friend’s not so lucky dating life as well. Oh boy was I so wrong!

This book is not only a threesome but ends on a cliff-hanger but that’s a given considering it says book one but upon buying the book it was not mentioned that this book is f/m/m/ it’s an audience for this but I’m not it. Call me selfish but I don’t like sharing my man. Update: going back I noticed the author later added a warning for readers but after I purchased the book that did me no good.

Stella goes on a few dates meets this great guy Jake that experiment in some light bdsm early on. Later she finds out from her friends on again off again boyfriend that Jake the gym guy is seeing someone else and get this shocker ( Spoilers ahead) it’s a man! Jake has told his other half Dev’s the rocker all about Stella and he wants in on the action. Freaking out that she got played she lashes out and vows to forget Jake but her body cant.

Jake tries everything he can to get Stella to hear him out even charging her and her friend a gym fee and refuses to break their membership. After some craziness with her friends she agrees to confront Jake but that ends in a romp on the desk. Dev’s visits Stella and convinces her of a date.

Here is where the confusion sets in. This story wasn’t developed at all it was an insta-love/lust after four sexual encounters I was left asking what happened how did we get here? Where is the resistance that was alluded to? Sentences and words were randomly underlined there were a few typos and grammatical errors. I found the relationship between the three of them to be superficial. The only depth we got was her date with Dev’s and even that was odd and underdeveloped. i.e. On their date randomly the author brings up his friends issues with Stella’s race which was weird since Dev’s is bisexual and his friends know his male partner. The issue with race was not thoroughly explored and thrown in the story as an afterthought. For instance we are told the friend wife is racist and then Dev’s and Stella go off to visit the racist friend horses.  Huh?

This story was so unbelievable especially the fetish club scene. So Stella after some thought decides she wants to be put first as her friend just got engaged. She doesn’t know where she will fit into Jake and Dev’s lives so she declines the offer to spend Valentine’s Day with them. Here’s the thing Dev’s gets off on “play” he and Jake like to “wrestle” for dominance. Ok! Within BDSM relationships rules should be discussed for safety and no one should be forced or in Stella’s case kidnapped into the lifestyle. It’s a chose and frankly the way the scene played out was very unsafe. When you write about something like this please do your research as this is not something to be taken likely. With the issues going on with the world and the war on women I just thought the kidnapping scene was inappropriate. Let be clear after some kicking and screaming Stella is tied up and fights to be let go but they play with her and she gives in. Alright! But as a reader I found the theme of BDSM in this book seemed a bit too much and should be handled with care. Being a submissive does not mean being dumb and above all else being safe. I never discourage readers this book simply wasn’t for me. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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