Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inevitable (Love And War) By: Inger Iversen

Her first book Incarcerated: Letters from Inmate 92510 had me hooked and ever since then I have been a fan. Naturally when the sequel came out I immediately one-clicked and was not disappointed. If you haven’t read the first book in the series I suggest you do as this book is a follow-up.  

This story is told in parts: past, present, and future. Trent is a very complex man and each piece of his story makes up a piece of who Trent is, was and will be. Ironically through each of his phases a woman is at the center of it all.
Flashback into the past:

Trent never knew love or better yet he never knew love-like he knew it with Harper. He was from the other side of the tracks. She represented everything he wasn’t. Harper coming from a well to do family a choice is made on her behalf that will change Trent forever. He choose wrong before and now he will do anything not to make the same mistake again

You can either learn from experience, forgive or harden your heart……

Part 2:

Shayla, Trent’s on again off again girlfriend is wild, a gold-digger, and obsessed. She can’t hurt Trent because she doesn’t really know him. Trent has learned from his past and will do anything to stop his best friend Logan from making the same mistakes he did trusting a black woman. Trent’s past has marked him and shaped him as the cold-hearted bastard whom everyone thinks he is. Its better this way to pretend to be someone you are not that way no one gets close. But what happens when you finally meet someone who knocks downs those walls?

Teal: In the first book Teal was a busybody know it all friend. You know the type of friend who always knows what’s wrong with you but never knows what’s wrong with herself? The author does a great job of humanizing Teal. She is flawed, insecure, and throughout the story the reader discovers all the cracks in Teal that make her more likeable. Although, you understand why Teal is the way she is her mouth is still fire.

Part 3

Trent never had anyone back down to him. Teal forces Trent to deal with his demons he has yet to face through a friendly drinking game of never have I ever. He is holding on to a past that no longer exists and she is holding on to old insecurities.

He deflects his issues with Harper on every black woman but Teal isn’t Harper and she lets it be known.

 A force of nature brought them together but will their demons tear them apart?

Trent had a rough introduction to life his only interactions with black people have been hurtful and he admits he knows that one race of people is not defined by the ones who hurt him. He still hasn’t healed from past hurts. He only knew true unconditional love through Logan. His issues are deeper than race and I like that the author told more of his military background and the affects that had on him.

With this story the author doesn’t gloss over race and the complexities that come with being in an IR relationship. I love Katie and Logan but too much attention was given to them. As a reader I wanted so see more interaction and development between Teal and Trent. The story was a little slow moving in some areas. Because this story dealt with some heavy issues like race and ptsd I liked that the author threw in some light comical moments between the two.

Because life and circumstances happen Teal has moved on with her life and found a new love interest in Zander. I thought Zander was very romantic and understanding and a part of me felt more of a romantically connection between Zander and Teal then with Trent. Both characters learn a lot about themselves and what love is. Trent issues lies with trust but he is completely honest with Teal and is more honest with her then with anyone in his life. As a reader you get to see the development and growth in Trent and Teal as they become a couple.  

 Harper wrote Trent a letter which was made to be a big part of the story but was never really fully flushed out. It was just like this letter is a reminder of Trent’s past and he carries it around then he decides to share with Teal and nothing. I mean something does happen but as a reader I would have liked to know the details. The ending felt a little rushed and incomplete. I know the author has another book coming up for Teal and Trent and I very much so look forward to the continuation of this series. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.



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