Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wolf in Exile Unchained By: Amber Ella Monroe

Thane and Kalena are back in Wolf in Exile Unchained. This story picks up where the second book Wolf in Exile Captured takes off. Because this story is told in parts I suggest that readers start with book one to fully understand what is happening.

Kalena: The ex-pharmaceutical assistant to the V.P. has found herself not only in a shifter prison but drugged with short term memory loss. With more questions than answers her only support is Thane. But how do you trust someone whose brother (Gavril) is the reason you are in danger?

 Thane has never felt this way towards another especially a human. Kalena sparks something in Thane that he hasn’t felt in centuries. A lone wolf with more family drama and danger than anyone knows. What do you do when the person you want to protect is in danger by just being with you?

Gavril, Thane’s brother owns Silex Pharmaceutical and has been testing his drugs on unsuspecting people this time one of the persons is Kalena the very person who Thane is now willing to risk his life and freedom to protect. A complicated situation with many lives at risk including Thane’s niece the rightful heir to the Silex fortune. Is Thane now ready to take back his title as Alpha?

In the midst of danger a strong desire blooms between the two. Kalena is not very experienced in the men department but Thane is very well equipped to teach her what she has been missing. The sex scenes between these two are off the charts. It’s a slow build-up of foreplay and sexy banter.  

This second installment starts off with non-stop action. The author gives the reader insight into the pack line and a mini-history lesson on how Thane came to be. The first book set the scene this second story gave us the situation. As a reader my issue like it always is with short stories is that I wish they were longer because as soon as you get into the story it’s over. This story does end on a cliff-hanger with a big decision left hanging in the air. I look forward to reading the follow-up to this series. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.
**Note both books are available on Kindle Unlimited **




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