Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sinjin: You Give Me Something Cameron Trilogy Book By: Serenity King

Serenity King’s long awaited book Sinjin is finally here! This is the last book in the Cameron Trilogy. If you haven’t read the other two in the series I suggest you do because they are just that good.

The loss of two team members after a horrendous mission can mark a man. Fighting any war can mark a man. Sinjin Cameron has suffered too many loses. Someone is out for his team and his love life or lack thereof is non-existent. Coping the only way he knows how Sinjin withdraws within himself and a nice bottle of amber liquid. Dealing with PTSD and an overly involved family has him on edge. But what happens when you meet the one person that calms you but a part of you knows you can’t have her?

Asia: World-renowned super model turned private investigator is a spit-fire. She can be a brat at times but loves fiercely. Sent on an undercover mission she runs into the only man that can make her heart beat quicken and dampen her panties. Although, they have this chemistry between them Asia knows that Sinjin is a man that is broken, and until he can let down those walls she is reluctant to give him her all.

Her life is in danger. Sinjin is the quintessential Alpha male he will do everything in his power to save her even if that means letting her go. Asia is like no other woman he has meet she doesn’t push him just adds comfort and a love that he has never experienced. As the drama hits up so do the sheets what happens when love, lust, and danger collide?

This book is a little slow moving at times but it all leads up to one big finale. I did like that the book offered a dual p.o.v. including one from the antagonist. I was happy to see characters from previous books make a reappearance in this book. Although at one point I found myself having to write down the list of characters because it was so many and they all played a part in the story. There were a few inconsistences in this story. For instance: He has o.c.d. so why would he leave trash in his house for a month?  Another example was that she is an undercover P.I. and is on the run but acknowledges fans. In the story it mentions that she needs to stay to mom and pop stores but then goes to Macys and keeps her phone on and checks in on social media. If you are trying not to get caught wouldn’t you disconnect from everything? I found some of the details were a little unnecessary at times but once the truth is revealed it all makes sense. I loved the fact that although insecure at times Asia really had Sinjin's back and he had hers. As a reader we really got to see their love blossom. This is not an insta-love type book. Once these two finally do get together the sex scenes are off the chart! I did find the ending to be a bit rushed and really wanted more after what both the characters have went through. But don't worry fans we do get a h.e.a. I just wanted a little bit more like with the other two stories in the trilogy.

The characters were very well developed and I was happy to finally read Sinjin’s story. This author has a way of weaving a good tale and I love that majority of her books are family oriented. I look forward to see what Mrs. King has in store for the future. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.


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