Thursday, February 5, 2015

Scratch ( Corporate Hitman Book 2) By: Olivia Linden & LeTeisha Newton

This is my first book ever by author Olivia Linden and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Scratch is book 2 in the corporate hit man series if you haven’t read book one you don’t need to but I suggest you do because the series is actually good.

Scratch: Never a man to be underestimated in fact he thrives off of it. Most saw him as flashy, a pretty boy but underneath lies a man with secrets and an underlying darkness. Women were a game for him apart of the job or a means to an end. The game changed and the rules changed when Agent Monica entered his life.

Monica: No-nonsense and very much so straight to the point. She is all woman in a male dominated field. Never one to put her heart on the line and definitely not one to mix business with pleasure. But you know what they say never say never.

Brought together to work on a case the lines get crossed and feelings get involved. Monica & Scratch have a lot more in common then they think.

This book is suspense sprinkled with a little romance. My problem with most action/suspense books is that sometimes the romance aspect takes a huge backseat and there is no balance between them. I thought this was a well told story with some very steamy love scenes. I will say that this book is more so dealing with the business and cases then romance. Scratch is a man obsessed and tries to mask his frustrations with his playboy ways but Monica has a way of changing that. I did enjoy reading about these two budding relationship and the fact that we got to catch up with other characters from the previous book Glitch which after reading this I just had to read that one as well. I will say that I wanted a little more from the ending it left me with a few more questions than answers which I guess we will find out in the next book. Like I always mention, “judge this book for yourselves and not on one person’s opinion.”


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