Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"I Want To Be Yours" By: D.M. Mortier

I want to be Yours” is the debut novel from author D.M. Mortier. Be warned: a lot of the vernacular in this story is British.

Niccolo “Nico”: rules the world he lives in. Imagine when he comes home early one day and sees his wife (Celina) of six years sleeping with another. Being the overly possessive and crazy Italian that he is he deals with this situation as one would suspect he moves on and takes his revenge. Crushing on his partner and friend Mari for years now Nico finally has the opening to do something about it. What happens when two friends cross that line and one night of hot passion changes their lives forever?

Mari: is a world renowned hacker. Because of her mother’s decisions regarding men Mari has kept her heart guarded and has vowed never to become any man’s option. Attracted to Nico from the beginning she knew he was off limits. But when he comes to her with need and heartbreak can she turn him away?

A need that only the other can fill turns into an unhealthy obsession and a turbulent relationship.

(Possible Spoiler): This is a slight turn on your typical Billionaire/Virgin/Baby tale (End Spoiler)

He’s portrayed as being dominant but really is a bully and very forceful. She is naïve and very gullible only 25 to his 38. You know the typical doormat in books like this. One minute they are fighting the next second it’s all about sex. I was getting whiplash with all the back and forth issues between these two.

It was a lot of unnecessary detail in the story i.e. mentioning characters who would never appear again. The premise made no sense. He has around the clock security for his wife and all this technology to keep track of her she had been cheating for years and now his staff decides to tell him 6 years later? His only upset is that his siblings would get wind of this.

Because his wife had portrayed him in such a public way he has turned his heart into stone. Although he cares for Mari he can’t commit to her and for her that just isn’t enough. I do like that the author does a flashback scene so we can see how the two met and their infatuation with each other. She was very assertive in the beginning and then turned into a doormat over his maleness. The flashback although I enjoyed it was way too short. The author gives the reader some great details that were never explored then flips back to the present. I found that happens a lot with this book there are certain situations that added some depth to the story like Mari’s mothers past that the author never explored. Majority of the story was the two of them fighting each other and then giving into their lust or him bullying her with his nastiness.

 The time line is all over the place. The first half of the book was told in second person (narration) with limited dialogue between the characters. I was really confused about Mari’s resistance she wants to be with him he wants her what's the problem? Especially if you are going to end up sleeping with him anyway. About 43% the book hits a turning point finally some action (character interaction). But then it ends the same with denial then angry lust - filled sex. I honestly didn't see or feel the connection between the two he wasn't an alpha male but a bully.

He often referred to Alex as a possession. Not someone cherished or loved. I don't know how much more description I could take of her puckered nipples. At one point I wanted to scream, “we get it she's aroused.” The non-responses irked me i.e. Alex missing, he hadn't said I love you but the relationship progressed to finality. All the way to the end the fighting, the issue of I'm not sleeping with you and his nasty barbs continued. Usually in books the conflict at some points leads to something and comes to an end. I just felt this book was very anti-climactic what was the point of it all if nothing got resolved? What it took for him to admit his feelings for her was so surreal and bizarre. This whole story was her putting him before her own needs right up until the epilogue.

I know it takes a lot for anyone to put their work out to the public and the process of writing a book isn’t easy. I applaud the author for sharing her work with others. This review is just one readers opinion not the gospel please judge this book for yourselves and not on one opinion. Although I didn’t particularly care for this story others may in fact love it.  





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