Monday, January 5, 2015

A Lassiter's Christmas By: Iris Bolling

A Lassiter’s Christmas takes place where Look into My Heart book three of the Heart series leaves off. Because this is a series I recommend that you read all the books in the series before starting this one. This book could be read alone but a lot of characters reappear from her previous books and in order to understand the family dynamic you must go back to the beginning where it all began.

Pearl: the hurt ain’t no good men around sista’ has very strong feelings toward men. Being hurt by her first love at the age of 16 she has hardened her heart to love. Always one to get them before they get her Pearl has made work her love.

Theo: the man for the job with the patience of a saint meets a stranded Pearl and offers his assistance. Pearl being who she is selfish and at times insecure builds up that wall against any man who she feels is a threat. At first being attracted to Pearl’s coke bottle shape, Theo finds that even though her personality is a turn off that there is more than meets the eye to this dark beauty. And Sally Lassiter’s cooking is just enough to seal the deal.

One thing about the Lassiter family is that when you take on one you take on all the gem’s and gent’s. The family has this tradition of doing a Q&A with each new suitor. Because Dr. Prentiss is assertive and the quintessential alpha male he did not waiver on his feelings for Pearl. Throughout the story he always checked Pearl on her selfish attitude although at times he should have been more forward with being put first. For instance this story takes place over a span of six years and in this time Pearl grew but not as much as she should have. Because of her own insecurities about the incident took place when she was 16 her wounds run deep and anyone who gets close is stuck in limbo with her.

Though this book has some heavy moments Phire the younger sisters always knows how to add the comedic relief. She is such a firecracker and I am awaiting her story next and the man she will end up with. This book is the reason I love romance stories it is a true story that love overcomes all.  

As much as I love the Lassiter family and believe me I do I am glad as a reader I got more insight to Theo’s family. I believe this is one of the first stories where the author has a hero who is non-black. Theo is mixed but identifies with being African-American but the author mentions that his father is Caucasian and that his mother and father relationship was considered taboo. You could tell with this story that the author stepped outside her comfort zone with this character and she is new to writing IR couples. For instance throughout the story she mentions that the father is Caucasian. At one point I wanted to say we get it already he is of the Caucasian persuasion. Further into the story after the mother Lenora is introduced it makes sense why the characters color is constantly being mentioned.
Lenora was a bit judgmental towards other blacks considering she was once in a “taboo” relationship. I liked the issues raised between black women who date white men and how some loose a sense of their blackness. Iris doesn't sugar coat the race issues it's very much in your face. Pearl had a lot of growing up and can be selfish in her thinking ironically Cynthia was the one to point it out to her. All in all this is a very great story with dynamic characters I cannot wait to see what else Iris has in store. Please judge this book for yourself and not based on this one review.

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