Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reckless Atrraction ( Den of Sin) By: Ambrielle Kirk

Reckless Attraction is a part of the Den of Sin Series which is a series of short erotic stories by some very well-known authors. This story by Ambrielle Kirk is one that broaches the topic of marital infidelity and cheating. I think the author does a good job of tackling the subject by not demonizing one person or the other but simply telling a story. I love that this story is not just black and white it has some gray areas dealing with the issues of infidelity. Nonetheless this is an erotic short story that deals with the subject matter of infidelity, erotica, and threesomes. If you are a person who does not like to read about the above themes then this story is not for you. But I will say you shouldn’t count this story out it’s a very hot steamy read that explores the emotions around infidelity.

Rich and Camille seem to be the picture perfect couple on the surface but what lies beneath is unhappiness and the need to be fulfilled. In the process of trying to gather information on her adulterous husband the lines get blurred and Camille finds herself "tempted.” Trevor is Rich’s college friend and these two have shared a lot of things women among them. Camille just wants a break she is working, going to school and on top of that dealing with a man who will not let her go. Camille finds comfort in one of the member’s (TEMPTED 909) in her husband’s chat rooms Anya’s Maven.

This is a very fast paced story and things unravel pretty quickly. One of the many things I love about this story is that it is told in layers. No one is a victim here. The text messages between Camille and her secret admirer are pretty steamy and heavy with sexual innuendos. With the lines being blurred and her husband suggesting she take a venture on his side. Camille’s emotions are all over the place. On one hand she still loves her husband but temptation wants to rule her. Trevor a man who she finds herself very physically attracted to evades her thoughts with just one look.

Camille gets an invitation to the Beaudelaire Den Of Sin Winterball Masquerade from her secret admirer. And from here the story unravels pretty quickly all secrets are out in the open. Through a series of flashbacks the reader gets a breakdown on how and why each character are in the situations they are in now. Because this is a very short story I don’t want to give anything away but ladies bring a fan because things are about to heat up fairly quickly.
I love how this story isn't cut and dry and addresses the gray areas dealing with the issue of infidelity it's more than just casually sleeping with someone. I do wish that as a reader we would have gotten to see more of the development between the characters. The epilogue does suggest that there is more of the story to be told. So hopefully we get to see some of Rich’s story and more on all the characters. I thought this was very enjoyable read. I give this story 3.5 stars. It was a very simple and straight to the point. Please judge this book for yourself and not based on this one review.

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