Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Only Love By: Victoria H Smith & Raven St. Pierre

Before I get into my review let me say that this is my first time ever reading anything by these two ladies so I honestly did not know what to expect. From the FB teasers, promotions and page takeovers this was a highly anticipated novel. After reading the story then the synopsis I honestly don't feel like the blurb did the book justice. This book is multi-layered it's not a straight forward love story. Each character is connected somehow and not always in a good way.

Adam a police officer as a part of a program in the department has chosen to live in the same neighborhood that he polices. The neighbors avoid him like the plague until one afternoon he decides to be "neighborly" and help fellow downstairs neighbor Aubrey carry groceries in. Because of his uniform and a litany of personal issues Aubrey doesn't trust too easily. Adam is viewed as a snitch not someone to help. So when he gives single mom Aubrey some advice about her teething child her opinion of him is slightly altered. Aubrey not only has her own daughter Rissa (Marissa) to look after she has 15 year old Gabby her neighbor to watch as well. She is in a barely there relationship, with no familial support and a job that barely pays her mounting bills. The last thing Aubrey is looking for is male attention especially from a cop. Through a series of conversations and kind gestures Aubrey's heart begins to thaw a little. Being hurt and betrayed by her baby's father Javi has not made it easy for the next man. Aubrey is a strong independent woman but even the strongest of women just want someone to love. Adam is a man with deep secrets, demons that he just can't seem to battle. Is Aubrey the woman for the job?

I mentioned this story is told in layers and I don't want to give much a way. Because each character is connected they all have the ability to either hurt or heal each other. This book gave meaning to the term modern family. For all the members of this family the kids involved in the story will never lack love or attention.

Although this book had a great premise it was poorly executed. There were issues that were brought up and never discussed and then bam a love scene. For instance the first love scene given the issues that lead up to it was poorly placed. At times the story read like two different people were writing it. I did like that this book wasn't an insta-love type romance both characters had to develop their relationship but at times the story just dragged along. The authors had great material but some issues they could have really explore and left others alone. In the beginning you think Aubrey has no help from her baby's father but then it's later revealed that he does send her money just that she won't take it. The issue with Adam latching on to Aubrey and her family and not wanting to reconnect with his own could have been explored more. Too much was happening with all the characters at once and nothing was really explored or fleshed out.

This book at times dealt with some very serious issues but had some very sweet moments as well. I liked Adam's relationship with Rissa, and Gabby. And I can't forget Adam's moms. I loved the fact that this family was a blended family and there wasn't any judgment. Gabby is a great secondary character although earlier in the story she is described as 15 she is wise beyond her years. Later in the story we get to see some of the walls between Adam being a cop and what the badge represents and Aubrey issues with trust be broken down through their love for one another.

As I mentioned previously each character has a storyline and their own set of issues but it is all interconnected. I like that this story was non-traditional but some of the characters seemed very one dimensional. Although this story is a serial I actually am looking forward to Javi's story and how he will deal with this new development in his life. This story with all of its sex scenes was more sensual then spicy. I understand the two characters wanting to connect intimately but intimacy doesn't always equate to sex. Some big things happened in this book and instead of the issues being explored more they were glossed over or a sex scene was thrown in. This review is not to bash the authors or to be taken personally. There are just some issues in the story that I found problematic as one reader. And I honestly did like the story and look forward to the next book in the series. Like I always say don't judge this book based on this one review but for yourself.

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