Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Melancholy ( Jokers' Wrath) By: Bella Jewel

This is the second book in the Jokers Wrath MC book by Bella Jewel if you haven’t read the first one before this I suggest you do because a lot of the characters show up in this story. I pre-ordered this book because in the first story Santana and Maddox had this sexual energy that was jumping off the pages. Let me just say that while I did enjoy this story there were a lot of issues that annoyed me.

First let’s start off with Santana she has a very codependent personality understandably so because she was a drug addict. What I did love where the flash backs between how Santana came to know Maddox and more about her background. But she and her sister Pippa seemed a bit weak at times. Granted what they had to endure as young girls was a lot but as a reader I noticed that Santana in each situation was looking inadvertently for a man to save her from her situations. i.e. Alec/Maddox/Kennedy For instance Santana mentions "He could be what gets me out of here." Why can't she save herself? She makes no mention of any goals. I don't like how weak she was portrayed. At what point was she going to stop blaming others and get herself together? She had the tools.

I don’t want this to seem like I am just not enjoying this story because I actually did and look very much forward to the next story in this series but this story just seemed very immature. Without giving too much a way but Santana and her love interest have a scene where he tells her to, “prove it too me.” Ummm….this is 2014 does that line still work? I am noticing a trend with this author and her female characters this weakness and damsel in distress stereotype is so played out. This author writes really well and can do better than this. The situation with Alec had me thinking huh?! I don't understand how now after the fact you have some sense. With Santana’s background and who she lives with where is her street smarts? The characters seem inconsistent with how the author is trying to portray them. For Mack ( Maddox brother) to have all his issues he tells it how it is I’m looking forward to his story. The back in forth between Santana and Maddox was like a slinky. At times it got a bit redundant. In some ways Santana is still an addict she is so codependent on men and her sister on her. I didn’t know how old she and her sister were but I am guessing young because Santana at times seemed like a high schooler. I wanted more out of the storyline. The whole sister and I don’t know who I love got a little old. It was hard to believe that majority of the book was devoted to this one storyline revolving around the sister and Santana trying to work through her feelings. You kind of have to suspend your belief in reality. I understand they are family but I agree with Mack that this is a bit too much for her sister. I know it seems like I didn’t like the story I actually did but I just wanted more meat to the story this story read like YA mixed with some erotica. This is not to bash the author just stating a different opinion. This book was a 2.5 for me. Please don’t judge this book based on this one review but for yourselves.


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