Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Made A Sempre Novel By: J.M. Darhower

Corrado Moretti had a hard introduction to life. His mother Erica was a drunk and father Vito was absent but his secret life would have long lasting effects on the family. Corrado has learned at a very young age never to get attached to anyone either they leave you or the hurt is just too much to process. Because of this hard lesson Corrado has not allowed himself to feel anything except one summer when he and his twin sister are dropped off to the DeMarco’s for protection. There he meets young free spirited Celia being in her presence ignites something in him and from there the attraction between the two grows.

This story is told in parts and each part equals the whole of the man who is Corrado Moretti. Like I mentioned his introduction to life wasn’t pleasant his mother was an abusive drunk, his sister was a manipulator and his father although he wasn’t there was young Corrado’s savior. Out of desperation Corrado chooses a life that would be his life until death. La Cosa Nostra “this thing of ours” because for Corrado that’s all it could ever be. He works his way up in the Mob by taking on a job that no one else could do or even willing to do this gets him noticed by the boss and brings him back full circle to Celia his enchantress.

Much of this story is about Corrado’s life inside the Mob. Having no emotional attachments works for Corrado especially being one of the DeMarco’s notorious hit men. Although, wanting to be like his father Vito who is a Captain in this family, Corrado makes his own way and become’s a man of his word which is a direct contrast to his spineless father. Parts of his life in the Mob are very hard to read at times especially when the subject of human trafficking appears but the author gives a great contrast of his Mob life to the life he has with Celia.

Celia is very sassy knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to use her charm to get it. Growing up in the life she offers Corrado a comfort he can get nowhere else. If ever there was a definition to ride or die chick Celia would be it. As I mentioned beforehand some of the subject matter in this book is very heavy I liked the contrast between his relationship with Celia which was very playful to the seriousness of the Mob life. This added a little light to the darkness that is Corrado’s life. Made is very complex and is told in layers just when you think you know something another layer is unfolded.

I do wish that more would have been told of his relationship with Celia. I wanted more interaction between the two. Some information I felt could have been omitted and more insight could have been given to other areas. This story is not your usual HEA lets ride in the sunset kind of book. It’s very dark and heavy and being the lifestyle that they live the ending was as it should be. At times I was very frustrated with Corrado’s lack of emotion I wanted him to speak up say something fight the abusers back but as the quote goes, “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”
There is a line in the book that says, “without villains there would be no superheroes.” I think this is very poignant because it leaves the reader to guess who played what role in this story. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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