Monday, December 15, 2014

Justified By: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Justified is the first story in the new Alfha Law Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. If you know anything about this authors writing style you know that she has a way of writing a possessive alpha male and this story is no different. This is a very short quick spicy read and perfect for those cold nights to warm things up.

This story starts off with a very sexy erotic love scene. Chloe works at a bakery and has caught the eye of rich, powerful, and very dominant attorney Nolan. Having trust issues from his previous relationship Nolan is determined to possess Chloe. He is the type of man that once he sees what he wants he is determined not to let it go Chloe included.

Although this is an insta-love story the author does incorporate some flashback scenes to show how the two met and to give the reader insight into Nolan’s past. I will say I was a little disturbed by the first encounter between the two. To say that Nolan is infatuated and obsessed is putting it mildly. When I mentioned Nolan was a man who was determined to possess Chloe he did that in every single way. Seeing her in the bakery across the street from his firm he becomes enamored with the beauty and from there the game begins. Battling with trust issues due to his past with his ex he does everything in his power to make sure Chloe doesn’t leave his side even going as far as having her investigated and watched by his security team.

My issue with insta-love type books is that I feel like I never know why the couple are so in love with each other. By that I mean there is no build up or not enough information as to why one party is over the top in love. It almost seems superficial as to why Nolan loves her like he does in the beginning  of the story. I was a little confused after the flashback into Nolan’s past. The story just shifted into present day when they are together. How did that come about? Last I read he was walking her home.

Majority of the story is told from Nolan’s perspective and I would have liked to have read more of how Chloe felt. I will say that after Chloe’s “incident” she does start to speak up for herself and question his behavior. I wish as a reader I got to see more of that. Nolan seemed like more of a babysitter then a lawyer. I wondered how he even made money since much of his time was devoted to watching Chloe. Some of his behavior was over the top and his antics were ridiculous. For instance he made decisions for their relationship without including her like trying to impregnate her or in his words “breed her.” The relationship didn’t seem as real because of how it was set up by Nolan. Nothing was to chance majority of it seemed as if he was playing her. He mentions she is the perfect age and has not enough experience which makes her easier to train.

My issue with short reads is that the author always leaves you wanting more and that it isn’t nearly enough information given. But I will say that if you like 50 Shade’s and This Man series you will enjoy this book. It is a great mix between the two and just enough to whet the appetite. Like I always say, “don’t judge this book based on this one review but for yourself.”


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